Featured on CISO Series – Hacking Cyber Risk Quantification

I had the pleasure of doing a live session on David Spark and Spark Media’s CISO Series with Nick Esponosa. Things got wacky but we also had a good time discussing with CRQ is and how it can help companies make better decisions.

You can check out the highlights reel here and the full video here

Cyber Resilience & Board Communication Interview

My piece on Cyber Resilience was recently published by ISACA. Note that their style guide requires that everything with cyber in it be a compound word which makes it read weird. I had a good laugh with them about this.

They also interviewed me for ISACA TV on communicating cyber risk to the board and published that on their YouTube channel. It’s chunked into short pieces which is nice.

Open Group Security Forum

The Open Group recently highlighted me in the Individual Contributor Spotlight. I’ve been working with the Open Forum in various capacities since 2012 with the introduction of the Open FAIR certification. Met lots of great people and got to give back. Here’s what they wrote:

The Security Forum thanks Jack for his foundational role in and advocacy for Open FAIR and for his continued efforts to further develop and refine its concepts and components.


ISACA CRQ Whitepaper, a Webinar, and More CRQ

A whitepaper I recently wrote for ISACA was published. You can access it here. In this paper I wanted to write about how cyber risk quantification worked broadly, not just in a FAIR context. I hope it gives you a good primer to this topic.

I’m also doing an ISACA webinar with my good friend Jack Jones next Thursday based on this whitepaper. (Cue the “pair of Jacks” memes like this one from my friend Ed). You can register for the webinar here.

Lastly, I wrote a piece for @ISACA where I make a distinction between what CRQ is and how we can’t abandon other security assessments when pursuing CRQ. I called it ‘CRQ Purity Tests’ and I hope you like it.

WEF – Principles of Board Governance for Cyber Risk

A new whitepaper was released this week from the World Economic Forum. I was very honored to be a part of the group that authored this (you can see my contributions in section 2.2 – Understand the economic drivers and impact of cyber risk).

The paper is free to download here.

CRQ, Zero Trust, NACD, and Risk Treatment Options

Here is a mega update on several items I’ve been working on lately.

First, I did a podcast with ThreatConnect talking about CRQ. We did a bit of a retrospective on the FAIR book as well which was nice.

Next is a piece I wrote for ISACA about how to not over-respond to current work from home trends in this article about Zero Trust

I also wrote a piece for the NACD about how to apply cyber scenario management to better your risk management practices.

Finally I wrote this article, also for ISACA, about advanced applications of the risk treatment options and how they are not all the same.

How to Report Cyber Risk to the Board

I’m giving a webinar tomorrow based on the whitepaper I authored for ISACA: Reporting Cybersecurity Risk to the Board of Directors. It’s a free download. I cover Board reporting from the technologists perspective, covering the role of the Board and how to communicate to them in a way they understand. You can register for the webinar here

Lastly, I wrote another piece for ISACA on Zero Trust that people are finding interesting. You can check it our here