Cyber Insurance Market Analysis

I wrote this piece as an analysis of what Marsh is experiencing in the marketplace. I wanted to have a cyber risk analyst’s take on the same data and to see where we could learn from their analysis and apply that in our practice.

One edit, it looks like I made a typo. The line that reads:

Spoiler alert: Less than 300 claims are made per year.

Should actually be:

Spoiler alert: Less than 300 claims are made per quarter.

I hope you enjoy it and please let me know your thoughts. You can read the full article here.

Rise of the Chief Trust Officer

I wrote a piece for ISACA about how the rise of the Chief Trust Officer role is changing the landscape for cyber security and cyber risk leadership. Borrowing from the CISO, CSO, CPO, CIO, and digital transformation roles, the Chief Trust Officer can become the go to role to govern technology and ensure customer’s trust is well protected.

The Future of Quantitative Cyber Risk Reporting

In my latest piece for the @ISACA newsletter, I address the US SEC’s interest in enhancing the cyber risk reporting requirements. The SEC has asked for feedback on this matter from the public. I used my feedback to them in the writing of this piece.

Cyber Risk Warehouse – 2022 April YTD ICYMI

I have a “warehouse” full of good cyber risk things to share with you below:

Here is an ISACA piece I was asked to write about things Cyber Risk professionals need to focus on in 2022

This ISACA column I wrote speaks to the role that bias plays in how cyber news is fed to us, and how that influences our own risk assessments.

This ISACA column talks about the tendency we have to focus on what’s within grasp when trying to resolve security issues, instead of digging deeper to find root causes

Finally, this ISACA column takes a stab at cooling the reports of “cyberwar” that are popping up everywhere. It’s still serious, but not yet warfare.

NACD Post: Connecting Cyber Ratings and Credit Ratings

My piece for the NACD was published today. Here I outline the connection that is being made by ratings agencies between cyber risk and business risk. For those of us in cyber risk, this will seem obvious but it’s profound that it is now gaining traction in business ratings.

Featured on CISO Series – Hacking Cyber Risk Quantification

I had the pleasure of doing a live session on David Spark and Spark Media’s CISO Series with Nick Esponosa. Things got wacky but we also had a good time discussing with CRQ is and how it can help companies make better decisions.

You can check out the highlights reel here and the full video here

Cyber Resilience & Board Communication Interview

My piece on Cyber Resilience was recently published by ISACA. Note that their style guide requires that everything with cyber in it be a compound word which makes it read weird. I had a good laugh with them about this.

They also interviewed me for ISACA TV on communicating cyber risk to the board and published that on their YouTube channel. It’s chunked into short pieces which is nice.

Open Group Security Forum

The Open Group recently highlighted me in the Individual Contributor Spotlight. I’ve been working with the Open Forum in various capacities since 2012 with the introduction of the Open FAIR certification. Met lots of great people and got to give back. Here’s what they wrote:

The Security Forum thanks Jack for his foundational role in and advocacy for Open FAIR and for his continued efforts to further develop and refine its concepts and components.

ISACA CRQ Whitepaper, a Webinar, and More CRQ

A whitepaper I recently wrote for ISACA was published. You can access it here. In this paper I wanted to write about how cyber risk quantification worked broadly, not just in a FAIR context. I hope it gives you a good primer to this topic.

I’m also doing an ISACA webinar with my good friend Jack Jones next Thursday based on this whitepaper. (Cue the “pair of Jacks” memes like this one from my friend Ed). You can register for the webinar here.

Lastly, I wrote a piece for @ISACA where I make a distinction between what CRQ is and how we can’t abandon other security assessments when pursuing CRQ. I called it ‘CRQ Purity Tests’ and I hope you like it.