How to Report Cyber Risk to the Board

I’m giving a webinar tomorrow based on the whitepaper I authored for ISACA: Reporting Cybersecurity Risk to the Board of Directors. It’s a free download. I cover Board reporting from the technologists perspective, covering the role of the Board and how to communicate to them in a way they understand. You can register for the webinar here

Lastly, I wrote another piece for ISACA on Zero Trust that people are finding interesting. You can check it our here

2 thoughts on “How to Report Cyber Risk to the Board

  1. Base your presentation on two questions:

    1) What does the board need to know related to how cyber risks may affect business performance (hint: they do not need to understand technology)

    2) What, if anything, do you wish the board to decide upon/approve (hint: if that is “nothing really”, you may not need to report anything to the board in the first place)

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