Interviewed on the Juicebox Podcast

I was recently interviewed on the JuiceBox Podcast, a production of the Arden’s Day Blog. This is a Diabetes-heavy conversation which I sometimes talk about on my Blog. About halfway through we do have a little discussion about risk when we talk about how I viewed the having a child that has T1D the same as me.

Anyway, its a light-heated casual conversation. You can listen here. I hope you enjoy.

In Defense of Verbal Risk Labels

My latest column for @ISACA was published today. In it I talk about the benefits of using verbal risk labels (things like high, medium, and low) and give some examples where this is helpful in the treatment of Type 1 Diabetes. This is an important concept for those like myself that are dedicated to quantitative risk. Its important to translate the quantitative values into buckets that allow for easy decision making.

You can read more here.