Risk Work is Stressful

danger_gaugeMy latest column was published today with the above title and I wanted to call out two things with this one. First, since risk drives the selection of priorities, it only follows that its stressful work. Decision making is mentally taxing, so the professionals whose job it is to facilitate that will shoulder that burden as well. Second, take care to ensure that a high priority in your personal life is to appropriately manage the risk associated with my first point. Any job that bears the burden of high stress means that your health is important and requires the requisite attention.

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2 thoughts on “Risk Work is Stressful

  1. (From the ISACA post:) “this is actually a very healthy thing to do to cement the values of an organization in practice (if not in design)”

    Fully agree. And to your point on managing your stress: I find that encouraging the contesting parties to reach that level of healthy understanding is the key to maintaining your own sanity. A good post, Jack.

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